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    Ecommerce Packaging

    Options: Resealable – Sustainable – Double-Sided Printing

    Ecommerce packaging demands are greater than ever before with 95% of British people now buying goods via internet retailers. With increasing focus on the consumer experience and the requirement for your product to reach its destination undamaged in a safe and secure manner, it is crucial for online retailers to source protective internet packaging solutions that are both easy for the customer to open and also promote the brand image.

    Ecommerce Packaging – Dedicated Design Team – UK Wide Delivery

    The Caps Cases dedicated retail packaging design team is working on innovative ideas that provide new ways to protect your products in transit and to present them perfectly to the consumer. Whether you are looking for returnable packaging solutions or a new way to promote your brand using flexographic or digital printing, Caps Cases are here to help you create frustration-free solutions for a positive consumer experience.

    Subscription Box Packaging Suppliers

    Subscription box packaging when finished in high quality print to your specific requirements ensures that you and your brand stand out clearly to your customers. Caps Cases design team have a long-standing reputation for creating good-looking, strong, innovative packaging solutions.

    Please call us with your specific requirements.

    If you are looking for an ecommerce box click on the links below to find out more about returnable ecommerce packaging solutions and Tamper-Evidence products or get in touch with our sales team for some inspiration.

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    Returnable Packaging

    Statistics suggest that anywhere between 25-50% of all internet orders are returned, with certain ecommerce sectors reporting higher numbers still.

    With that in mind Caps Cases have developed a range of ecommerce boxes that are designed to provide the receiver with the option of resealing the box and returning it to the sender, with minimal fuss.

    Tamper Evidence

    With the constant problem of theft of goods in transit, providing a tamper-evident packaging solution is crucial for your product.

    Caps Cases encourages clients to opt for ecommerce packaging that looks functional from the outside so as not to attract unwanted interest.

    On the inside of the box, however, we suggest opting for high impact colours and designs to give the customer the full brand experience.

    Right Size Solutions

    By ensuring that Internet packaging is sized correctly to fit the product, etailers can save valuable time, money and even the environment. Using right size packaging reduces both operational and ecommerce shipping costs by saving storage space, reducing additional packing costs (loose fill and void fill like chips and air pillows), cutting labour costs and significantly cutting assembly and packing times. Right size ecommerce packaging solutions can significantly reduce product movement, helping to reduce damage in transit.

    Delivery & Care

    E-commerce packaging is available from two of our manufacturing sites in Suffolk and Glasgow and can be shipped throughout the UK and into Europe. We regularly carry out deliveries across the South East, London, East Midlands, Edinburgh and elsewhere in Scotland. Contact us for competitive rates.

    eCommerce Packaging
    eCommerce Packaging
    eCommerce Packaging
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