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    Digital Printing

    Digital printing is a modern method of production that makes prints from electronic files. It involves artwork being created on a computer and then printed directly onto corrugated cardboard.

    Digital printing is an alternative to traditional methods such as lithography, flexography and others – it eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for conventional printing, such as colour proofs and making print plates.

    Digital Print at Caps Cases

    As a world first the EFI Nozomi 14000 LED digital printer takes pride of place at Caps Cases in Newmarket.

    Here’s an overview of what the digital printer can offer: https://videos.efi.com/watch/SysKXakPqck9rhBA2Rkcqy? 

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    Why choose digital print?

    High Quality: Digital print offers enhanced on pack graphics.

    Speed to Market: There are fewer steps in the printing process, and as a result, the final product can be delivered quicker.

    Cost Effective: Because printing plates are not required, there is less investment involved to set up a single job.

    Less resource consumption: Digital printing requires no water for cleaning and there is very little ink and board wasted during setup. Up to 35% lower energy consumption than with flexo printing and virtually no VOC emissions.

    Less Waste: Print what you want, when you need it.

    Recyclable: Digital print uses fully recyclable and repulpable inks.

    Versioning: Print multiple versions of an artwork at no extra cost.

    Flexible: 1 box to 50,000 boxes

    Finishes available

    There are four finishes available;

    1. Gloss – coated liners and primer creates a high gloss finish.
    2. Matte – printed on uncoated liner and without primer to give a flat, matte finish.
    3. Satin – uncoated liners and a primer produce a soft sheen finish.
    4. Spot gloss – white ink is used in some areas of an image when printing on uncoated liners to create a matte/gloss contrast.

    Find out more: Different finishings available with EFI Nozomi – YouTube


    Printing modes

    There are three print modes to choose from to help optimize printing depending on the design and substrate;

    1. Eco mode: low cost, minimal ink consumption.
    2. POP mode: standard printing mode, balancing image quality with ink consumption.
    3. Photo mode: ideal for photographic images with maximum colour vibrancy.

    Find out more: Different printing modes capabilities with EFI Nozomi – YouTube

    White ink

    Print full colour images on recycled brown liners when the white ink is used as a base. Amazing print quality using low cost liners.

    Find out more: https://videos.efi.com/watch/2WrbDoYR1htAGdbKu4cReC


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