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    Long Life Packaging

    Long life packaging can be an essential part of the transport and storing process, particularly where the protection of the items being stored is paramount. Ordinary cardboard is not PH neutral which over time means harmful substances can ingress into the product being stored within, and cause it to deteriorate. This can be of particular concern where the items being stored are extremely valuable, for example art, manuscripts or books.

    Caps Cases can produce packaging from a PH neutral set of paper cardboard material so that products in direct contact with the cardboard will not deteriorate.

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    Technical Information

    Due to our diverse supplier base, Caps Cases are able to source specialist Acid Free cardboard substrates to use in our manufacture process. In partnership with our board manufacturers we developed a board which is compliant with the ISOCD9706 standard for permanence. The paper has a 0.5% Lignin content and a PH range of 7.5 – 10.0.

    Case Study

    University of Oxford

    Caps Cases have been sought after to engage in an ongoing project with the University of Oxford to re-house 7 million books in a new offsite storage facility.

    Having reached capacity at their current premises in Oxford, Caps Cases were given a brief to design a bespoke packaging system to store, categorise and allow access to a vast collection of publications. Deployed at a purpose built permanent storage facility spread over an area the size of four football pitches, the design of the packaging material used will need to stand up to 50 years of storage.

    Once the brief was agreed our design team worked closely with the University, producing samples on our CAD system, and finalising the designs to produce a user friendly, robust and practical storage solution.

    As the packaging comes into direct contact with the books it is important to ensure there is no contamination.

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