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    Returnable Packaging

    Returnable Packaging designed, printed and constructed to a very high standard is meeting a huge growing retail demand because the digital age in which we find ourselves presents a great many online businesses with a new set of challenges. Apart from the product itself packaging is often the only thing a consumer gets to physically see when purchasing goods on-line, therefore great presentation is crucial for many brands continuity. In conjunction with this we are aware that the “returns” rate of online products is unsurprisingly growing year after year. Our “out and back” packaging solutions make it possible for retailers to overcome what has been described as a “necessary evil”, providing consumers with a fast and secure way of returning goods.

    Caps Cases, based at Newmarket in Suffolk, and in Glasgow, is one of the UK’s leading independent specialist corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturers. Having some of the latest sophisticated design systems and manufacturing machinery in the industry, we are in a strong position to create the packaging you want, in the quantity you require, at a price that is within your budget.

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    Our Offering

    Caps Cases have developed a range of e-commerce boxes that are designed with ease of return in mind, our packaging provides consumers with a means of returning purchases to the sender undamaged, with minimal effort involved.


    • According to sources regarding online return rates, at least 30% of all products ordered online are returned compared to only 8.89% bought in brick-and-mortar shops.
    • Approximately 49% of online retailers offer return shipping Free of charge.
    • Of the overall number of returns the latest statistics suggest 20 % of all items are returned as they arrived damaged.
    • 67% of consumers check if free returns are available prior to purchasing.

    Technical Information

    We have the ability to apply highly adhesive peel and seal hot melt closures as well as the more traditional finger lift tape. We can suit the process to your application using a variety of different materials from Micro flute board to double wall. Our flat bed die-cutters mean our tear strips are well defined and easy to use.


    Caps Cases has a great reputation as a high quality printer, we can utilise either the digital process for small volume requirements or Flexo for larger quantities, we can print both inside and outside, to create a real consumer opening experience.

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