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8th December 2018

Return To Sender: E-Commerce Packaging

8th December 2018

Return To Sender: E-Commerce Packaging

Like it or loathe it, e-commerce is big business.

In the UK, online shopping represents 18% of total retail sales, and that percentage is growing year on year.

But did you know it is estimated that a whopping 30% of all goods ordered online are returned? That’s around £7 billion of purchases that are returned each year.

With this in mind, Caps Cases has developed a range of e-commerce boxes that are designed to provide the consumer with the option of resealing the box and returning it to the sender, with minimal fuss.

Our ‘hassle-free’ packaging is designed to suit your individual requirements and can be printed on the outside of the box, the inside, or both, depending on your preferences.

Our dedicated retail packaging design team can create innovative packaging ideas that provide new ways to protect your products in transit and to present them perfectly to the consumer.

Whether you are looking for returnable packaging solutions or a new way to promote your brand using flexographic or digital printing, Caps Cases are here to help you create frustration-free solutions for a positive consumer experience.

For more information on our e-commerce packaging or any of our other products, contact the team on 01638 667326 or email us sales@capscases.co.uk 


29th November 2018

Point Of Sale Displays That Pack a Punch

29th November 2018

Point Of Sale Displays That Pack a Punch

Did you know that around 70% of in-store purchases are made on impulse?

In the busy retail environment, an eye-catching Point-Of-Sale (POS) display could be the nudge that your customers need to make their purchasing decision.

Cardboard POS units are a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of showcasing your products.

Here’s where Caps Cases can help…

Caps Cases are industry leaders in the production of corrugated cardboard POS display units. With a wealth of design experience under our belt, we are experts in delivering stand-out POS units that will set your products apart.

If you’re looking to develop a POS campaign, our in-house team of structural designers will guide you through the design process from start to finish.

Our state-of-the-art digital and production CAD table allows us to produce complex bespoke FSDUs (Floor Standing Display Units) with no set up charges. We can also offer split print runs for multiple designs if required. Sampling and transit testing is also available.

In terms of delivery, we can send the units flat-packed or pre-assembled and in some cases we are able to offer a pre-filled service, depending on the products.

Our purpose built digital suite can create all manner of cardboard POS and POP (Point of Purchase) units, FSDUs, Off Fixture Displays (OFDs), Dump bins, Counter Top Displays units (CDUs), In-store Pallet size display bins and Standees and Retail Ready Packaging to name but a few!

For more information about our POS products or to discuss your requirements with a member of the team, drop us a line at sales@capscases.co.uk

19th November 2018

Behind The Box: Staff Spotlight On Tommy Allardyce

19th November 2018

Behind The Box: Staff Spotlight On Tommy Allardyce

Every month we’ll be getting to know a different member of the Caps Cases team and looking ‘behind the box’ to see what really makes them tick.

Today we’re turning the spotlight on Tommy Allardyce, Operations Manager at Caps Cases Glasgow site.

Tommy joined the Caps team in January this year. He is responsible for the day-to-day operational delivery across the Glasgow site, including overseeing production, production planning, quality control, people management, health & safety and admin support.

Have you always worked in the packaging industry?
Basically yes. At the outset of my career I started working for a family business, Hamilton’s Packaging, before it ended up being part of Mondi Packaging. I had various roles throughout my 19 years in the business including the role of Operations Director for the Scottish Plants. During the nine years prior to joining Caps Cases, I was the General Manager for the Scottish operation of an export packing company. We manufactured wooden cases and packed goods into them for safe export all over the world.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy the variety and the day-to-day challenges that it brings. I also feel a sense of achievement in making things better and the team spirit on site that goes with it.

What’s a typical day in the office for you?
Organising production requirements for both shifts and ensuring all the team members have the tools to fulfil their roles in the business. I also deal with any issues that are barriers to effective production, with a key focus on producing quality cases.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
If you believe in it, go for it.

What’s been your most interesting experience while working in the packaging industry?
I learned early in my career that the millimetre is king! Otherwise the cases are a bit roomier than expected… don’t worry Trevor, I won’t make that mistake again! I’ve also sent some weird and wonderful things across the planet, things as small as a computer, to things as big as a house, a submarine to the Caribbean and a racing canoe to a desert.

Tell us a bit about what you like to do outside of work?
I’m quite sporty, like keeping fit. My main hobby is running, half marathons and the occasional full marathon, and I’ve been a pace-maker for some local 10k events.
I’m a coach at Jog Scotland and get huge satisfaction helping people achieve their goals, and in many instances getting them to a level they never thought possible for themselves.
I also play golf (badly).
Aside from sport, my wife and I like our holidays – the world is a big place. I enjoy a nice red wine and the odd tasty Caribbean Rum.

Any other interesting facts we should know about you?
An interesting unknown fact is that I’ve had dinner with Terry Waite, after his release from Beirut.

You can find out more about the Caps Cases team and what services we offer at www.capscases.co.uk/about-us/

9th November 2018

Maximising The Potential Of Digital Print

9th November 2018

Maximising The Potential Of Digital Print

Digital print is a fast growing sector in the packaging world. Here at Caps Cases, we now produce over 30,000 digitally printed sheets per month – and that figure continues to grow.

In a nutshell, digital printing refers to method of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media, i.e. a sheet of cardboard!

Digital printing differs from the conventional litho and flexo print processes as it isn’t dependent on the preparation of a separate plate for each print run. All the colours are made up from dots of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – a commonly used acronym for this is CMYK or 4 colour process set.

Thinking of going digital? Here’s what you need to know…

• With digital printing there are no plate costs.
• Late stage customisation of products can be achieved.
• The high quality, vibrant print rivals litho-laminate.
• Various artworks can be printed at once with no additional tooling costs.
• You have the option of spot varnish to highlight logos or match existing items.
• There’s also the option of gloss mode for striking results.
• Textured finishes can be achieved using layers of ink.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that ink costs of digital printing are higher than other types of printing, and the printers run at a slightly slower speed. Volume production can therefore be slightly more costly.

Flexo printing is still by far our most commonly used print process. Let’s have a quick look at flexo printing by way of comparison…

• Flexo printing offers a lower unit cost for volume production.
• Odourless, water-based inks are used, which give smooth coverage.
• Metallic inks are available.
• There are set up costs involved.
• Last minute design changes can be costly.

We’re happy to work with you to decide on the right packaging and print options for you and your products. If you would like to discuss your requirements with a member of the Caps Cases team we would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact us by email sales@capscases.co.uk or by phone on 01638 667407.


2nd November 2018

Spotlight On The Multi Point Gluer

2nd November 2018

Spotlight On The Multi Point Gluer

It may not sound like a particularly exciting piece of equipment, but in fact the multi-point gluer has a starring role in the Caps Cases production line.

This high-speed machine is an essential part of the construction process of one of our most popular products – quick assembly boxes.

As the name suggests, these types of boxes are extremely fast to assemble. Whereas a traditional box might take between 10 – 15 seconds to put together, quick assembly boxes take just one or two seconds.

Also known as crash lock, quick erect or pop up boxes, quick assembly boxes are strong, robust and durable. They are ideal for die cut style designs, such as Retail Ready or Shelf Ready Packaging, transit boxes, turkey and goose boxes, archive boxes and 4 corner glued trays.

If you’re considering changing to quick assembly boxes, it’s worth working out how much time, and in turn money you could save by swapping. For example, if you currently use 5,000 traditional style boxes per week in your factory and it takes on average ten seconds to assemble each box, that’s just under 14 hours of labour per week used for making up boxes.

In comparison, if you use the same amount of quick assembly boxes that each take just a second to construct, that’s just under 1.5 hours of labour per week, therefore saving you around 12 hours of labour time each week.

Check out our demonstration video to see just how much time can be saved by using quick assembly boxes as opposed to traditional style boxes.

Caps Cases have three multi-point gluer machines; three at the Newmarket site and one at the Glasgow site, so we are well equipped to meet the nationwide demand for quick assembly boxes. We also offer a competitively priced glue-only service for trade customers.

For more information on quick assembly boxes or any of our other products, please contact the team by email sales@capscases.co.uk or by phone on 01638 667326.

26th October 2018

A Bumper Year For Cardboard Divisions

26th October 2018

A Bumper Year For Cardboard Divisions

Caps Cases has recorded its biggest year to date for sales of cardboard divisions.

The company has manufactured 4.5 million division sets in the last 12 months, up six per cent on its previous record figures.

Assembled corrugated and solid board divisions are a core product in the Caps Cases portfolio, and we are among the largest producers of divisions in the UK.

“We’ve seen year on year growth in the sales of division sets, but this year’s figures have really raised the bar,” comments Managing Director Trevor Bissett.

“The growth can be attributed to a buoyant UK drinks industry and our continued investment in machinery specifically designed for the manufacture of partition sets.”

He adds: “As one of the largest suppliers of cardboard divisions in the country we’re well placed to meet the growing demand for both standard configurations and bespoke designs.”

Packaging divisions, also known as box partitions, dividers or separators are the simplest way to provide cushioning when transporting bottles, glassware, ceramics and other delicate goods. They minimise damage and breakages, enabling products to arrive in pristine condition.

There are two types of divisions:

  • Corrugated divisions protect through cushioning the products. They offer maximum protection but take up more space within the case and also on pallets.
  • Solid board divisions protect by remaining tight and restricting the movement of the product during transit.
    Common sizes for bottle packs are available and we also offer bespoke sizes.

Generally we can offer both types of divisions without the need for expensive cutting tools due to our specialist equipment.

The most common division sizes are:
• 12 x 330ml beer bottles
• 24 x 330ml beer bottles
• 6 x 750ml wine bottles
• 12 x 750ml wine bottles
• 15 x 750ml wine bottles
• 24 x 750ml wine bottles

Outer packaging can be designed alongside divisions for optimum product protection. The divisions can be supplied assembled or non-assembled with a maximum lead time of two weeks.

For more information on Caps Cases’ cardboard divisions, drinks packaging and other products, contact the team at sales@capscases.co.uk

25th October 2018

Buying Boxes: The Basics

25th October 2018

Buying Boxes: The Basics

With the help of our Commercial Director Jamie, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten most frequently asked questions by customers when buying boxes…

1. What is your minimum order quantity?
We do not have a minimum order quantity. We can produce low volumes if required, but we do offer cost-effective minimum order quantities which are determined by board price breaks. If in doubt, you can ask us to quote for the minimum quantity and the next price break.

2. What are your lead times?
This is dependent on the box design but generally we offer 7 – 10 working days lead times for conventional cases and 10 – 15 working days lead times for printed die cut items.

3. I have a product and I need a box for it. Can you help?
Yes! Our in-house design team can support you in creating a bespoke packaging solution that will showcase and protect your product. The initial information that we will need from you includes:
– What is the product?
– How much does it weigh?
– How many products per box?
– Approximate quantity of boxes?
– Are you looking for transit, gift or retail packaging?
– How will it be transported? i.e. by courier, post or bulk packed on pallets?
– Would you like brown or white cardboard? If white, would you prefer gloss or matte finish?
– Do you require the box to be printed?

4. What printing options are available?
At Caps Cases we offer two types of print:
– Flexographic: Colour print ranging from basic one colour print for logos and text to complex three colour images.
– Digital printing: Vibrant and photographic quality images, ideally suited to lower volume orders. It is worth noting that digital printing can have imitations on fine text.

*Don’t forget that we can print the inside and outside of your box for maximum impact!

5. What is ‘Price Per 1000’?
If you have been quoted for 1000 boxes at £650/1000 the easiest way to think of it is as 65p per box. Likewise, if you have a quote for 500 boxes at £450/1000, think of it as 45p per box.

6. What is a ‘Manufacturing Tolerance’?
There is an industry-wide standard of +/- 10% tolerance on finished quantities. This is due to the fluctuations in inbound deliveries of raw materials.
If you order 1000 boxes, whilst we aim to produce exactly that number, the finished count may fall somewhere between 900 and 1100. But rest assured you will only be invoiced for the amount of boxes that you receive.

7. What is a ‘Cutting Forme’?
A cutting forme is a tool needed to cut out bespoke die cut designs from corrugated cardboard.

8. Will my box require a cutting forme?
This depends on the style of the box. Some designs can be made on adjustable machinery without the need for cutting forms, but more intricate non-standard designs will require a cutting forme.

9. What are ‘Stereo Costs’?
Also often referred to as a ‘printing plate’, a stereo is essentially the stamp that allows us to transfer ink onto the cardboard. They range in price depending on the print coverage and number of colours.

10. Where can you deliver to?
We deliver across the UK and into mainland Europe from our production sites In Newmarket and Glasgow.

If you have any further questions that haven’t been answered here, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team via email sales@capscases.co.uk or by phone on 01638 667326.

12th October 2018

Caps Cases Strengthens Its Design Team

12th October 2018

Caps Cases Strengthens Its Design Team

Caps Cases has strengthened its team of highly skilled designers with the appointment of Silviya Milenova.

Silviya brings with her a wealth of experience from her previous roles at design companies, including Omkasan – the leading packaging design company in Turkey.

Silviya’s new role as Designer at Caps Cases will see her working closely with the sales department to create bespoke packaging products and prepare prototypes to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

“Being creative and designing new packaging products is the thing I enjoy most about my job,” comments Silviya.

“I also take pleasure in seeing my product designs in use – especially when I’m out and about and not expecting it!”

Outside of work Silviya enjoys long walks along the river and visiting art museums and exhibitions, but as a former dancer, her real passion is dancing – particularly salsa and the cha-cha. Silviya can also speak four languages – Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish and English.

Managing Director Trevor Bissett comments: “We’re thrilled to welcome Silviya and she is already proving to be a real asset to the company. We are looking forward to seeing what creative flair she can add to the team.”

If you have any questions regarding our team, please do email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

4th October 2018

New Die Cutter Quickens The Pace

4th October 2018

New Die Cutter Quickens The Pace

A new high-speed die cutting machine is helping to reduce lead times and increase production capacity here at Caps Cases.

By running at more than double the speed of our other die cutters, the new automatic flatbed die cutter has dramatically reduced production time in the factory since it was installed in July.

The high-speed precision of the machine means we can offer customers a quicker turnaround time on their die cut orders, while maintaining the premium quality associated with all Caps Cases’ products.

“Our machine operators have undergone a full training programme with the manufacturers of the new die cutter and we are already noticing an improvement in lead times,” comments Production Director Mark Bissett.

“The new machine runs at a much quicker pace than our other die cutters, which has enabled us to balance out the workload by using the new machine for high volume work and freeing up our other machines for lower volume jobs. This in turn increases our capacity and means that our customers are benefiting from shorter lead times.”

The new die cutter is used in the production of many of Caps Cases’ premium products including retail ready packaging, high quality printed die cut boxes, drinks packaging, division sets and quick erect cases.

For more information email sales@capscases.co.uk

28th September 2018

‘Tis The Season For Turkey Boxes

28th September 2018

‘Tis The Season For Turkey Boxes

Christmas has begun early at Caps Cases this year, as we have already started manufacturing our annual run of premium turkey and goose boxes.

Supplying some of the country’s leading fresh poultry distributors, we offer a comprehensive range of bespoke boxes, ideal for the transportation of poultry as well as food and taster hampers.

Specifically designed with the packer in mind, the boxes can be quickly and efficiently assembled without the need for tape.

Made from high quality double walled cardboard, the boxes feature double base flaps for extra strength, resulting in a highly robust and durable product.

The boxes are available in a range of sizes to suit all requirements. They can also be printed with your own bespoke logo or design. Plain boxes can be ordered in any quantity required. Bespoke print options are available for orders in excess of 500.

Click here for more information about the sizes and options we offer, or email michelle@capscases.co.uk to discuss any queries, specific requirements or pricing information.

27th September 2018

Bespoke Beverage Packaging – We’ll Drink To That!

27th September 2018

Bespoke Beverage Packaging – We’ll Drink To That!

For years here at Caps Cases we have designed and manufactured premium drinks packaging for a number of food and beverage brands.

We specialise in high quality flexo printing and have produced some outstanding products for a range of clients.
We have worked with some well-known craft breweries including Laine Brew Co who recently had a very specific design request.

Laine wanted to create packaging that would protect their products and enable them to be carried safely, but also wanted the box to have really punchy print that was eye-catching. After discussing their requirements and exactly what they were looking for, our design team got to work to produce some eye catching, high quality printed designs that presented their brand well.

Laine were incredibly impressed by how well our design team had captured their requirement. Not only did our packaging design accommodate 24 330ml bottles of their wonderful craft beer, but it presented their brand in an eye-catching and playful way.

The job was turned around rapidly in only two weeks and Laine were so pleased that the orders have continued past the first remit. We loved working with Laine and continue to welcome new food and beverage clients to speak with our design team.

Whether you require drinks packaging for protection, display, carrying or a mixture of all three, we can design and manufacture any requirement you may have.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a bespoke service whether your order is large or small.

We’ve been manufacturing bespoke cardboard packaging since 1982 and continue to do so today in 2018.

For more information regarding our design, print and manufacturing services, please feel free to email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

19th September 2018

Welcome Our Newest Member of the Team

19th September 2018

Welcome Our Newest Member of the Team

This is a very special blog post today as we would like to welcome our newest member of staff to the team, Paul Flint.

Paul is our new Account Manager here at Caps, responsible for caring for our extremely valued clients.

Having spent over 23 years in the industry, initially starting out as a trainee screen printer, Paul has worked with every department of print that you can think of. This includes screen printing, litho assembly work, packing and even stock management. Moreover, Paul has worked with digital print including flatbed and R2R as well as mounting, die-cutting and various aspects of assembly work. It’s fair to say that Paul is well versed in the art of corrugated cardboard!

Paul’s top qualities are that he has great attention to detail and a burning desire to understand fully what and with whom he is working on. Paul loves corrugated cardboard so much that when he’s out and about, he cannot help himself from judging shops’ RRP and POS design (much to his wife’s dismay!) Outside of work, Paul is a devoted father to a 4-year-old daughter who he loves nothing more than spending hours in the garden with. He’s a very keen sportsman but prefers to spend his time today watching as opposed to participating.

We want to pay a very special welcome to Paul and look forward to working with him on a range of our key accounts.

If you have any questions regarding our team, please do email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

17th September 2018

Caps Cases Celebrates Top Level Accreditation

17th September 2018

Caps Cases Celebrates Top Level Accreditation

Caps Cases is proud to announce the successful results of its recent BRC assessment.

The company achieved a Double A standard at both its Glasgow and Newmarket sites – the highest grade available for this certification.

The prestigious BRC standard is globally recognised as the hallmark of a quality packaging manufacturer. In order to achieve the top level, Caps Cases must comply with the strict manufacturing controls set out by the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, and undergo a rigorous two-day assessment each year.

The achievement means that Caps Cases can supply secondary packaging products to the food industry. The company offers a broad range of food-related packaging products including Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP), transit boxes, turkey and goose boxes and wine, beer and beverage boxes with dividers.

For more information on Caps Cases’ range of food-related packaging products contact the team today on 01638 667326 or email sales@capscases.co.uk

24th August 2018

The Eco-friendly Cardboard BBQ

24th August 2018

The Eco-friendly Cardboard BBQ

Image courtesy of uk.businessinsider.com

We’re all for protecting the environment here at Caps Cases and there’s nothing more exciting than coming across a new product that a) uses cardboard and b) reduces damage to the natural world.

Coming across the CasusGrill was a really exciting time for us.
Inventors in the US have devised an ingenious BBQ grill made completely out of biodegradable products.

Shocked at witnessing the mess left over after people finish with their disposable aluminium BBQs in the summer, the designers felt compelled to create a new, more environmentally friendly product.

Ecofriendly BBQ

Image courtesy of uk.businessinsider.com

After much deliberation, the designers chose to use cardboard, bamboo and lava rocks, as if on the odd occasion they were left out, in time they would degrade.

The cardboard grill has been designed to create a high, even temperature that ensures all food is grilled properly. It doesn’t require charcoal or lighter fluid making the cardboard grill incredibly light and portable. The grill itself even comes in its own biodegradable packaging bag.

With a total cook time of 60 minutes, the cardboard grill offers a great way to cook BBQ food out and about without damaging the environment.

Although the CasusGrill cardboard BBQ is only currently available in the US, it is a testament to the change in social opinion regarding single use, disposable materials. Consumers are no longer happy to damage the environment in order to benefit from the convenience of using something once and throwing it away.

Big companies are even starting to change in their approach towards using plastic. The international conglomerate Starbucks have recently vouched to ban plastic straws throughout all of their stores by 2020.

We are happy to see companies and consumers alike change their behaviour towards single use plastic.

For more information on how we can provide an environmentally friendly packaging solution for your product, please email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

23rd August 2018

Crazy Cardboard Castles [Photos]

23rd August 2018

Crazy Cardboard Castles [Photos]

Image courtesy of liverpoolecho.co.uk

Following on from our recent blog posts documenting the works of Olivier Grossetete, we wanted to showcase examples of the amazing structures that are being built using corrugated cardboard in the Merseyside and Liverpool area.

If you haven’t already read our post on how this French designer is creating amazing structures out of corrugated cardboard, then make sure you head over to the news section on our website to find out more.

Corrugated cardboard really is a wonder material.

It can be used in so many different ways, we just love helping clients’ design and manufacture cardboard products that are intricate and creative. With our in house team of structural designers, we have built a long-lasting reputation based on providing a consultative service and a simple manufacturing process.

We’ve made everything from corrugated cardboard products for household name brands in the UK to simple archive boxes that we decided to patent.

To see some of the amazing works that are being built around Liverpool, check out these images below:

All images courtesy of liverpoolecho.co.uk

Castle cardboard







Cardboard castle







Cardboard castle







Don’t get forget to follow us on social media!

We post regularly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you want to see a behind the scenes snapshot of what life is like at one of the UK’s largest corrugated cardboard manufacturers, then be sure to follow us.

We are also able to carry out a number of design and manufacture services for a range of clients. Whether you run an ecommerce brand, have a brick and mortar business or need trade services, we can help bring your packaging ideas to life here at Caps Cases.

We’re a family business with over 30 years of experience and pride ourselves on our ability to offer a service with great customer care and flexibility.

22nd August 2018

What Our Customers Love the Most [Part 2]

22nd August 2018

What Our Customers Love the Most [Part 2]

In part 1 of this blog post, we explore some of our clients’ favourite Caps Cases products.

For more of the products we offer, check out the list below:

Point of Sale (POS)

As a trusted provider of POS and Point of Purchase (POP), we have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing attractive and functional displays. We have a skilled team of experience corrugated structural designers that work in house to turn your ideas around quickly and accurately.

In our purpose built digital factory, we have the ability to create retail ready POS and POP displays as well as cardboard floor stands, counter top display units, cardboard floor stands and much more.

We also have a brand new CAD cutter, which means our clients’ save massively as no costly set up charges are required.

Ecommerce & Drinks Packaging

As the popularity of ecommerce shopping continues to rise, so does the demand for efficient and durable packaging.

We have the ability to design and make ecommerce packaging that is protective and attractive yet will withstand the demands of being transported to consumers and returned.

We also produce custom ethical packaging for drinks and beer bottles. Our designs include Bottle Safe Technology and can be made for 3, 6, 12 and 24 multiples. This packaging is perfect for retail and gifts as well as displays, carry packs and transit.

Retail Ready Packaging

We have built a great reputation on delivering retail ready packaging and shelf ready packaging to a number of retail clients in the past.

Our design and sales team have extensive experience in delivering products that work, which means looking good but also protecting your goods.

A good retail ready packaging design will help to increase brand awareness, reduce packing time and lower transport costs.

In this two part blog post, we have explored some of our clients’ favourite products, including those that underpin our strong reputation.

We have delivered a wide range of corrugated cardboard projects and continue to do so today.

For more information on how we can deliver you project, please email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

21st August 2018

What Our Customers Love the Most [Part 1]

21st August 2018

What Our Customers Love the Most [Part 1]

We offer a range of products and services here at Caps Cases and pride ourselves on our ability to design and manufacture almost anything our clients require.

With over 30 years being based at our Newmarket HQ, we have the technological capability and staff expertise to carry out a number of requirements.

We can offer bespoke, uniquely tailored approaches to bringing your cardboard packaging ideas to life. For more information about the services we provide, browse through the list below:

Die Cut Boxes

We are the leading manufacturer in the UK for die cut cardboard boxes. Die cutting is a brilliant way to shape boxes that have unique designs or forms. It is an incredibly precise cutting mechanism that provides clean and smooth lines, which are perfect for unusual shapes. We offer a ‘fit for purpose’ approach, meaning that any box that we design and manufacture will not only look great but function perfectly too.


Divisions are one of our main specialties that we have the capability to manufacture and deliver from our two sites in the UK. As industry leading producers of divisions, we are able to produce a range of shapes that can be used to insert into boxes for cushioning. Cardboard divisions are a wonderful addition to any corrugated box that is being used to transport delicate goods such as ceramics, bottles and glassware.

Removal & Archive Boxes

We offer manufacture wardrobe cartons in two different sizes, which are perfect for packing and transporting clothes and household items. Each box comes complete with a plastic hanging rail, which can be used to maintain the form of your valued clothes.

We also serve many of the UK’s top academic institutions by providing state of the art archive boxes. Our archive boxes are sturdy and practical, making them perfect for storing books and paperwork.

Although we provide the standard type of archive box that has a standard base and lid, we also offer a quick assemble box as part of our patented ‘Klikstor’ design.

To learn more about the products we offer, be sure to read part 2 of this blog post or email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

20th August 2018

How Ecommerce is Changing the Packaging Industry

20th August 2018

How Ecommerce is Changing the Packaging Industry

Image courtesy of entrepreneur.com

Ecommerce is on the rise and with it comes massive pressure being put on the cardboard packaging industry to change with the times.

Retailers that trade predominantly online need packaging that is bespoke, environmentally friendly and quick to produce.

Moreover, companies are looking to cut costs in anyway possible making packaging design all the more important for goods that need to be posted and shipped efficiently.

Environmentally Friendly

Many ecommerce retailers seek environmentally friendly packaging for two reasons.

Firstly, the war on plastics is a hot topic in 2018 and consumers prefer to buy from companies that have provisions to contribute towards protecting the environment.

Secondly, companies using environmentally friendly packaging reduce their carbon footprint and waste, which in turn can often lead to business incentives.

The cardboard packaging industry has one of the highest recycling rates out of any other packaging industry.

This means that with the rise of ecommerce, more companies will hopefully resort to packaging that preserves the environment as opposed to damaging it.


With the rise of ecommerce, packaging manufacturers are being put under pressure to design and make cardboard packaging that is efficient and appropriate but also very specific and bespoke in nature.

This can cause issues in automation and systematisation for manufacturers that cannot produce bespoke pieces on a large scale.

It also means that manufacturers’ design departments must be highly skilled and have enough technology to enable them to provide the specific and unique designs that many ecommerce retailers demand.


As ecommerce brands reassess how they package their products due to the pressures put on them by consumers, manufactures are also having to follow suit. This often means that cardboard manufacturers are put under increased pressure to cater for rapidly growing online sales volumes, which in turn demands quicker printing and delivery.

We have designed and manufactured a range of different packaging products for the ecommerce market.

If you have any questions or want a design bringing to life please do email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

17th August 2018

What Can We Offer?

17th August 2018

What Can We Offer?

At Caps Cases, we have the ability to offer a wide range of services to help you bring your packaging dreams to life.

Whether its coming up with a design, creating ecommerce packaging, cutting specialist pieces or simply manufacturing a traditional cardboard box, we can help across a range of tasks.

Although we offer a consultative service and can help you from start to finish on your packaging journey, check out some of our specific services that we also offer below:


We have over 50 years of experience in our design department and pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients’ needs and bring their ideas to life.

Whether its configuring existing FEFCO styles to match your specific requirements or creating bespoke designs based on your needs, we are able to offer a high quality service carried out by a renowned team of structural designers.

2. Print

We are capable of offering a range of print services to guarantee that you convey your brand message as clearly as possible on your product packaging.

We invest heavily in new print technology and have honed our cutting edge processes, helping us become leaders in the High Quality Post Print (HQPP) sector.

3. Long Life Packaging

Not all cardboard packaging is suitable for transporting valuable goods.

Due to the ph level in normal cardboard, oftentimes harmful substances can permeate through normal board and into the product inside, if it is stored for long periods of time.

We are able to produce ph neutral cardboard packaging, which is perfect for storing products such as expensive artwork and books for long periods of time.

4. Trade Services

We have built our business successfully by offering trade services to other cardboard manufacturers. With our two sites in the UK and our trustworthy reputation, there is rarely an order we cannot fulfil.

As you can see, we offer a range of services at Caps Cases. If you would like more information on what we can do for you please email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

16th August 2018

10 Shocking Facts about Plastic Pollution

16th August 2018

10 Shocking Facts about Plastic Pollution


Image courtesy of phys.org

We’ve focussed a lot recently on plastic and the global pollution crisis.

Plastic pollution awareness is at its highest in the current climate. Companies are reducing their single use plastic waste, campaigns are being run to raise awareness to go plastic free and there are even whole financial districts pledging to reduce their plastic consumption around the world.

In this blog post we list some of the craziest facts that exist today about plastic. Let us know which one shocks you the most!

  1. There is more micro plastic in the ocean than there are total number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy
  2. Along similar lines, 60-90% of marine litter is plastic based
  3. The average person in the US uses 167 plastic water bottles every year
  4. Only 25% of those bottles are recycled!
  5. Sadly, over 8 million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans every year
  6. It takes a whopping 500-1,000 years for plastic to degrade
  7. There is a floating island mass of plastic called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is located in the North Pacific off of the coast of California
  8. Plastic chemicals are easily absorbed by the human body
  9. In fact, BPA (a plastic chemical) can be found in 93% of American children
  10. Virtually every piece of plastic that has ever been made still exists today

Here are 5 more bonus facts about plastic:

  1. 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic have been produced since it was introduced in the 1950s
  2. 91% of plastic is not recycled (which means the rest ends up in landfill or our oceans)
  3. 500 plastic straws are used every day in the US alone
  4. Plastic pollution will outweigh fish pound for pound by 2050, if we don’t take better action to recycle
  5. 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the world

We find these facts incredibly shocking and hope that they remind people to recycle better and avoid single use plastics.

For environmentally friendly packaging solutions, please feel free to contact us any time at sales@capscases.co.uk

15th August 2018

Can You Believe It? (Cardboard in Hospitals)

15th August 2018

Can You Believe It? (Cardboard in Hospitals)


Image courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

It has been reported that doctors in one region in Italy are resorting to using makeshift cardboard casts for broken bones due to budget cuts and financial deficits.

There has been outcry from the general public as oftentimes patients who arrive in A and E after 8pm are told they can only be offered a cardboard cast and that they must come back in the morning to see a doctor.

Numerous cardboard casts have been photographed by patients over the last few months.

It is a testament to the strain being put on the healthcare system in Italy. The Calabria region healthcare service was designed to manage a catchment area of approximately 200,000 people but now population figures have risen to over 750,000.

Despite the Calabria region being the poorest area in Italy, doctors are incredulous to the claims and have called emergency staff meetings to discover what has been going on.

We’ve witnessed a number of novel creations using cardboard. In our blog post on IKEA, we explored the company’s new app that encourages kids to play with cardboard. Moreover, we’ve looked at the amazing feats of cardboard architecture in our blog post about Olivier Grosstette and the incredible cardboard boat races of Cambridge and New York.

Over the 30 plus years that we have been in operation, we have designed and manufactured a number of different cardboard packaging designs for our valued clients. From hat boxes for Fortnum & Mason to ecommerce packaging and more, we have the capability at Caps to bring your cardboard packaging dreams to life.

For any information on how we can help with the design and manufacture of your cardboard packaging, please feel free to contact us at sales@capscases.co.uk

14th August 2018

The Plastic Free City

14th August 2018

The Plastic Free City


Image courtesy of londonist.com

News has recently been released that Canary Wharf, the internationally renowned business district in the UK’s capital has set a target to become the first ever plastic-free commercial centre.

In partnership with the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) campaign, the Canary Wharf Group have carried out an audit of retailers and businesses in the area and revealed that 94% of the research group are keen to reduce their plastic waste.

The Canary Wharf Group are taking a leap of faith as this is the first ever campaign of this kind that has been pledged covering such a large geographical area.

There are a number of retailers and businesses in the Canary Wharf region but research has shown that consumer awareness of single use plastic is at an all time high.

It is believed that 84% of consumers would show greater loyalty to a brand if they have a clear stance on reducing single use plastic waste.

Thames litter

Image courtesy of thamesestuarypartnership.org

How Do they Plan to Do This?

The Canary Wharf group realise that it is going to be a big challenge to get all local businesses on board, especially when dealing with international conglomerates. However, they plan to first tackle the waste created through single use plastic food packaging as well as installing more recycling bins with better signage.

The Canary Wharf Group plan to create a movement and hope that other financial centres around the world will follow suit.

We hope that other similar groups do the same as the plastic crisis still continues to cause issues around the world.

It’s a scary thought to know that almost every single piece of plastic ever that has been created still remains today.

500 million plastic straws are used every day in the US alone and unless we continue to change our behaviour and use of plastic, the situation will continue to get worse.

We love producing environmentally friendly packaging here at Caps Cases. For more information, email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

13th August 2018

Getting ‘Drastic on Plastic’

13th August 2018

Getting ‘Drastic on Plastic’


Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

The British summertime culminates in the end of a number of outdoor music festivals that scatter the country.

Friends, dancing, drinks and great music draw crowds of hundreds of thousands of festival goers to rural areas all around the UK.

What is often overlooked with music festivals is the amount of waste that is produced. Drinks are served in single use plastic cups, food comes with plastic forks and there are thousands of freebies and products being sold in plastic bags.

In fact, it is estimated that approximately 23,000 tons of waste is produced in the UK from music festivals every year.

Worst of all, only a third of this waste is recycled.

Plastic clean up

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

This year, 61 independent music event organisers have signed a pledge to get ‘Drastic on Plastic’.

This three year pledge means that event organisers agree to get rid of single-use plastics on all of their sites by 2021.

Festivals operate on incredibly tight margins, as they often involve having to build large stages and buildings from scratch in very rural areas. Therefore, the Drastic on Plastic campaign has set a three year target to realistically give event organisers a chance of removing plastic.

The unsightly scene of thousands of empty plastic cups is not the only issue that comes from hosting a large music event. Plastic is often used for straws, cutlery, wristbands, cable ties and even face paint.

Some of the largest UK based music events are even on board including Reading and Leeds. These two events have initiated a returned bottle policy that gives £1 to anyone who returns 10 empty bottles or plastic cups. Glastonbury has also joined the movement by promising a site wide plastic ban for there 2019 event.

We take protecting the environment very seriously at Caps Cases and produce cardboard packaging in the most environmentally friendly way possible. If you have any questions regarding the design and manufacture of your cardboard packaging, please contact us at sales@capscases.co.uk

10th August 2018

Amazing Cardboard Art

10th August 2018

Amazing Cardboard Art

Image courtesy of independent.ie

French designer Olivier Grossetete has built a reputation for creating amazing art pieces around the world made solely out of cardboard.

Recently being commissioned to revive Liverpool and Merseyside’s appeal as the cultural capital of the UK, Grossetete produces artwork through creating astonishing feats of cardboard architecture around the world.

The designs are reduced to simple parts so that they can be made with basic cardboard boxes. Grossetete also calls upon the local community to get involved with the organising, building and destroying of all of the pieces of art.

His work is never completely finished or perfected as he believes strongly that there is no such thing as perfection. The structures are more so a piece of performance art as opposed to stand alone piece, as it is the bringing together of communities and team work that makes each piece special.


Image courtesy of cardboarders.com

Grossetete has created structures all around the world including a 20 building spectacle in Marseilles and a floating bridge in Avignon.

This year Grossetete will be creating two structures in Ireland as part of the Galway Arts Festival. He plans to build one structure in Eyre Square and another on the water, which will involve floating cardboard kayaks and bridges.

Despite the risk of water and wind damage, Grossetete remains blasé about the fact that his hard work could be destroyed in a matter of minutes. He believes that art should not be about holding onto one’s own creations but more so to enjoy the energy of working together with other people.

We salute Grosstete’s incredible creativity in using cardboard and believe his work is a true testament to how versatile and flexible cardboard is when applied to different needs.

We can design and manufacture a range of products here at Caps Cases, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@capscases.co.uk for more information. 

9th August 2018

5 Awesome Things Made From Cardboard

9th August 2018

5 Awesome Things Made From Cardboard

Image courtesy of cnn.com

Cardboard is an incredibly versatile material that can be used for many things such as simple packaging, creative design, VR and much more.

In this article, we explore the amazing things people have built using cardboard.

  1. Cardboard Car

Lexus, the international car company took 3 months to put together a fully functioning cardboard car, constructed out of a total of 1,700 pieces.

The carefully cut pieces of cardboard were held together using water based glue and feature a mounted aluminium motor.

The car in fact can be driven in an incredibly controlled environment but for obvious reasons has not be made for commercial use!

2. Cardboard Office

Cardboard office

Image courtesy of hommeg.com

Amsterdam advertising agency Nothing, commissioned two Dutch designers to come up with an office design concept that was innovative yet could be made on a very low budget. After much deliberation, the designers decided to work with corrugated cardboard due to its low cost and durability.

What they came up with was a whole office fit out using cardboard, that was both functional and inspiring. Their designs included meeting rooms with windows and doors as well as desks and office furniture.

They even created a staircase out of cardboard! Check out the photo below:

Cardboard stairs


Image courtesy of hommeg.com

3. Cardboard House


Image courtesy of hommeg.com

Japanese designer Shigeru Ban designed and created a 5×5 metre house out of cardboard called the Paper Tea House. Inside the house, sits a table, four stools and a bench all neatly arranged into a beautiful work of art.

Although the house was designed as an art piece and cannot be installed outside, it is an amazing representation of how versatile and strong cardboard is when used in many different ways.

We have over 30 years of designing and manufacturing corrugated cardboard. If you want to create a bespoke piece, please do get in contact with us at sales@capscases.co.uk

8th August 2018

How to Store Cardboard

8th August 2018

How to Store Cardboard

Image courtesy of online-shipping-blog.com

If you’re keen to protect the environment and like to store your cardboard boxes so that they can be reused, there are a number of things you must consider to ensure they are kept safely.


1.Fire Risk

Cardboard is highly flammable like paper and must be kept away from any source of intense heat or open flame.

As cardboard degrades over time, it can dry out considerably if kept in hot and dry conditions. It is important to monitor the cardboard that is being stored and is always best to avoid storing large, condensed amounts in small storage places.

2. Infestation

Storing cardboard boxes for a long period of time is a sure fire way to attract nasty bugs and critters that you may not want to welcome into your home.

Spiders are one of the main insects that like to nest in dry, dark conditions. However you could be welcoming other insects as well such as cockroaches and bookworms that both love to consume the binding that holds cardboard together.

Unless you are storing your cardboard boxes for another reason, it is best to flatten them and take them away for recycling as soon as possible.

3. Space

Unless you spend the time to flatten every single cardboard box you want to store, they will take up a large amount of space in your home.

This can be a safety issue regarding access to your home but equally it can be a nuisance. It is normal to save cardboard boxes sometimes, say for example you have a 30 day return guarantee on a new product you have bought, but it is always best in the longterm to flatten them and take them away for recycling.

Having spent over 30 years designing and manufacturing corrugated cardboard boxes, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to helping bring your ideas to life. For more information, email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

7th August 2018

3 Facts about Cardboard for Manufacturing Geeks

7th August 2018

3 Facts about Cardboard for Manufacturing Geeks


We’ve written a lot lately about recycling cardboard and the plastic crisis that has engulfed our global community.

This time, we wanted to lighten the mood by discussing some of the weird and wonderful facts that exist about cardboard.

1. Recycling saves the world

How much cardboard needs to be recycled to save 9 cubic yards of landfill space? 17 trees? 46 gallons of oil?


The answer is one tonne of cardboard.

If we simply make the effort to collect all of our disposed cardboard and put it into the recycling bin, we can save the need to deplete the world of its natural resources.

2. Cardboard is still being wasted

Unfortunately, not everyone is as diligent as you and I in recycling their used cardboard.

In fact, in the United States alone, 850 million tonnes of cardboard and paper are thrown away annually. This horrifically high number equates to a total of 1 billion trees being used and disposed of once.

These high numbers show how there is still much room for improvement around the world for everyone to recycle more.

3. The industry is growing

The corrugated cardboard industry does still have one of the highest recycling rates of any other packaging industry.

Moreover, the cardboard industry remains strong and growing with a total value of over £4 billion and employing over 27,000 people in the UK alone.

We’ve been in the corrugated cardboard industry for over 30 years and can help with any of your manufacturing and design needs.

Please contact us at sales@capscases.co.uk for more information.

6th August 2018

What is Cardboard Recycling? [Part 2]

6th August 2018

What is Cardboard Recycling? [Part 2]

Image courtesy of safetybuyer.com

In part 1 of this blog post, we introduced the first steps that are taken to recycle previously used cardboard. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read part 1 here.

4. Filtering

Once the cardboard has been collected, sorted, shredded and made into pulp, it is then processed through a filtering system that gets rid of all foreign materials and impurities.

Often times cardboard boxes are held together by tape, strings or glue, which are important to remove when creating a new cardboard product out of recycled material.

The pulp is then pushed into a centrifuge that revolves at a rapid rate, which in turn separates any plastics or metal staples.

Once all foreign objects have been removed, the material undergoes a de-inking procedure where it is submerged in a floatation device made of of chemicals that removes any form of ink or dyes.

This also cleans the material and prepares it for the final stages.

5. Finishing

The pulp material after cleaning is then put through a conveyor belt to dry and be heated.

When the pulp is dried, it is pushed through an automated machine that squeezes out any residual water and starts to form long rolls of solid cardboard sheet.

These sheets are called liner boards which are then glued together layer by layer. The end result is a corrugated cardboard sheet that can be formed to make boxes or other shapes depending on the recycled design.

As explained in part 1 of this blog post, we are dedicated to using recycled materials as much as we can here at Caps Cases.

We enjoy producing environmentally friendly packaging solutions to a range of clients and are more than happy to discuss your needs. Please do contact us at sales@capscases.co.uk


3rd August 2018

What is Cardboard Recycling? [Part 1]

3rd August 2018

What is Cardboard Recycling? [Part 1]

Cardboard or corrugated cardboard is often made from recycled previously used sheets or boxes.

It is often recycled by large businesses in order to save money and reduce waste.

The process of recycling cardboard happens in a number of steps, the first starting with collection and the final step ending with the finished product.

The Stages of Cardboard Recycling

1. Collection

Many large businesses have cardboard collection points where any previously used sheets or boxes are stored for future recycling.

When the cardboard is collected, it is measured and weighed as well as being transported to a recycling facility.

The recycling facility then accepts cardboard that can be recycled and disregards the boxes and sheets that cannot.

2. Organisation

Sorting through cardboard is important when creating the perfect recycled product.

Usually at the recycling centre or paper mill, the cardboard is sorted into corrugated or boxboard categories.

This helps the paper mills in manufacturing different grades of cardboard depending on the types of materials they are using.

3. Shredding

Once all of the cardboard has been sorted, it is then processed through a shredder so that it can be pulped.

The shredding is what helps to break down the fibres of the cardboard so that they can be soaked in a mixture of water and chemicals to create pulp.

Once the cardboard material has been pulped it is often mixed with another pulp made from wood chips that helps the new sheet to become more solid and sturdy.

We think carefully about protecting the environment here at Caps Cases and are proud that we operate in a packaging industry that has the highest recycling rate above all other packaging materials.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post where we explain how the end product is made.

For all of your design and manufacture questions regarding corrugated cardboard, please email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

2nd August 2018

The Giant Cardboard Castle

2nd August 2018

The Giant Cardboard Castle

Image courtesy of sthelens150.co.uk

What is it?

Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area are celebrating this summer to mark 10 years since the city was named the Capital of Culture.

In a bid to raise interest and publicise the monumental occasion, it has been planned that hundreds of volunteers will get involved over the summer months to create a number of cardboard castles.

The campaign will end with the destruction of all of the structures after a period of time for people to enjoy and visit them.

The novel idea is being spearheaded by French artist Olivier Grossete and the structure concepts have been inspired by key historical events.

For example, the Lost Castle that has been built in Victoria Square in St Helen’s Town Centre is a motte and bailey style castle that pays homage to the town’s partnership with the German town of Stuttgart.

The significance of the partnership that is being displayed through the structure is of historical importance as the twinning of the two towns was the first arrangement in Europe following the Second World War.

The Lost Castle’s cardboard campaign will be paying respect to this partnership by building part of Stuttgart’s iconic 10th contrary old castle.

The creation of such structures will continue throughout the summer and can be enjoyed by visitors who want to enjoy the celebrations of Liverpool’s culture.

What would we do?

We would definitely choose to use double walled corrugated board that’s been recycled to build the structures.

We’re used to manufacturing millions of sheets of corrugated cardboard per year and would love to offer our praise and respect to the campaign and celebrations.

Whether you’re looking to design packaging for your product or whether you’re interested in building your own cardboard castle for fun, you can get in touch with us at sales@capscases.co.uk

1st August 2018

Lessons Learned from IKEA (new cardboard app)

1st August 2018

Lessons Learned from IKEA (new cardboard app)

IKEA is an international ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessory store that originates from Sweden. Not only does IKEA offer in store shopping, but ikea.com alone achieved over 2.1 billion hits in 2018.

With a high number of online purchases comes a large amount of packaging.


Although IKEA is an international powerhouse in terms of business, they are also setting lofty goals in terms of recycling.

IKEA has decided to eliminate waste from all of their operations and to be energy independent by 2020. In 2017 alone, 83% of IKEA’s waste was recycled and energy recovered across the whole of their operations.

Some of the examples of where IKEA uses recycled materials can be found in many of their products. They offer mouth blown glass vases made out of recycled glass that was rejected in previous operations due to bubbles or defects.

Moroever, their Tanum rugs are handmade with almost 90% of the material used being from leftover fabric and bed linen products.

The App


Image courtesy of thedrum.com

After conducting mass market research, assessing 17 years of data, IKEA found that the second most popular search online in childcare is for behaviour and development.

Delving deeper into the data, IKEA found that over 50% of parents struggle to find ideas to encourage creative play  amongst their children.

Combining their lofty waste free goals with an creative approach to help parents encourage their kids to be more creative, IKEA created the Toybox app.

The IKEA Toybox app gives children the opportunity to use cardboard waste and bring it to life.

It is completely free to use and helps children explore and play by suggesting and teaching ways that they can reuse cardboard packaging.

We think that helping children to grow and protecting the environment are two great missions to pursue. At Caps Cases we see taking care of the environment as one of the most important aspects of operating a manufacturing business.

If you want to learn more about our recycling initiatives, please email us here: sales@capscases.co.uk

31st July 2018

Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 3]

31st July 2018

Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 3]

In Part 3 of our Fortnum & Mason case study, we will reveal the end result of our box design and talk a bit about how we turned around the packaging requests of one of the most famous UK brands in less than a week.

You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.


The Outcome

Once our designs had been approved by Fortnum & Mason, our manufacturing team went to work to bring the new packaging design to life.

The box was CAD cut and the external design and colouring were printed digitally.

The end result was a chic looking, practical hat box that could be flat packed and put together in an incredibly short amount of time.

You can see the end result in the image above.


Once we had produced physical copies of the pop-up hat boxes, we then waited to hear feedback from Fortnum & Mason.

Overall, it was a great success!

Fortnum & Mason were particularly impressed by the fact that the box looked incredibly high end but was fool proof and simple to put together.

They were happy with how quickly we turned their requests around and how the end result was perfect for their packaging needs.

F&M shopfront

Image courtesy of aheepingspoonful.com

Rapid Turnaround

We received the request to create this pop-up style hat box from Fortnum & Mason mid week and took it upon ourselves to deliver a speedy service and high end box design in as short a time possible.

All it took was a couple of days and by the end of the week Fortnum & Mason had physical designs in their hands and were happy with the end result.

As an independently owned and family run business, we have the ability to deliver high quality design and manufacturing services in record time.

We pride ourselves on our experience and skill in designing new cardboard packaging concepts that meet our clients’ exact requirements.

If you are in need of cardboard packaging design and manufacturing, then please get in touch with us at sales@capscases.co.uk

30th July 2018

Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 2]

30th July 2018

Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 2]

Image courtesy of designbridge.com

In the second part of our case study on Fortnum & Mason, we’re going to explain what the company asked for and how we turned around their requests in record time.

To learn more about the history of Fortnum & Mason, you can read Part 1 of this case study here.

The Brief

Fortnum & Mason have been existing clients for sometime, but they came to us recently with a request to design a new hat box.

The requirements were that the box must be in a pop-up style, easy to assemble and convenient to stack. This meant that we had to design a box that was not only appealing to the eye and consistent with Fortnum’s brand image, but also one that was incredibly functional.

After some discussion regarding the style of design, including Fortnum sending over images of similar designs online, our design team got to work to create the perfect pop-up hat box.

The Process

Our design team modelled the new design in different ways and sent over a simple and plain concept to Fortum for approval.

It was important to us to incorporate the high quality, luxury feel of the brand into the design.

This meant that we considered the shape and components of the packaging carefully as we were well aware that the box packaging would be the first thing customers see when purchasing their hat.

The Design

The colour choice was simple as this had to be consistent with the famous Fortnum blue that is used across all of the company’s products.

We designed the box in a hexagonal style as this would house most shape of hats effectively offering a good level of protection.

Moreover, the addition of canvas handles to each side of the box were included to add a level of texture and quality as well as practicality in helping users hold the box.

To see the end product and find out what Fortnum & Mason thought about our design, stay tuned for our next blog post.

27th July 2018

Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 1]

27th July 2018

Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 1]

Image courtesy of retail gazette.co.uk

Pop Up Hat Boxes

We’ve been fortunate over our 30+ years of operating to have worked with a number of amazing international brands.

We’ve designed and manufactured everything from simple corrugated sheets to intricate product packaging that’s been featured in shops around the world.

When we were approached by a current client to manufacture a new style of packaging, we jumped at the opportunity to produce a unique, brand specific design that would be functional yet appealing to the eye.

Who are Fortnum & Mason?

Fortnum & Mason are a household name.

Originally starting as a grocery store in the now upmarket Piccadilly area in London, the company grew into becoming a luxury department store and online retailer.

Founded in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason, the company built a strong reputation based on delivering luxury items in an elegant environment.

Today, Fortnum & Mason are famous for a number of key things.

They have a hugely popular mechanical clock that sits on the main facade of their HQ in Piccadilly. The clock chimes on the hour every hour and has two model men, who represent the two founders in traditional dress, that roll out and bow to each other.

Clock at F&M

Image courtesy of fortnumandmason.com

The company is also famous for claiming to have invented the Scotch egg.

Inventing and creating new products has remained at the core of the business’ success, which has led their efforts in innovating new concepts like the Fortnum’s London Dry Gin.

Fortnum was also one of the first stockists of tinned baked beans in the UK, back in 1886. This is a testament to how much the company has influenced British culture over the years and continues to do so to this day.

Stayed tuned to find out how we turned around a new packaging concept within a week for one of the UK’s most famous brands in Part 2 of our Fortnum & Mason Case Study.

If you’re looking for a bespoke cardboard design and manufacturing service, email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

26th July 2018

What is Google Cardboard?

26th July 2018

What is Google Cardboard?

Image courtesy of vr.google.com.

Well, it seems like Google have jumped on the cardboard bandwagon and incorporated it into their newest product offering.

Google Cardboard is simply a cardboard box with two eyepieces that is used to house your phone.

The idea is that once your phone is slotted into the cardboard box, you look through the eyepiece so that you can immerse yourself fully in the app or video that is being played.

The Google Cardboard viewing pieces seem somewhat primitive yet they’re being used as part of the wave of new VR technologies that are hitting the market.

How does it work?

According to the Google VR website , you can choose from a number of cardboard products or make your own.

The image below is provided by Google to show how simple it is to construct your personal VR headset for free:

Google headset

Image courtesy of vr.google.com

The selection of Google cardboard viewers ranges from simple cardboard box designs to elaborate leather and plastic options.

The basic range of cardboard boxes start at around £11.50, but you can choose to go for a more elaborate design which could cost you upwards of £50.

The Google Cardboard Ecosystem

The Google Cardboard Ecosystem is a network of apps, videos and games that have all been designed to be used with a Google Cardboard Viewer.

They offer immersive VR experiences that can be enjoyed anywhere on the go.

Despite the fun of using a Google Cardboard headset, as you can imagine there are a few down sides.

Pressing cardboard against your head for a long period of time can cause discomfort. Moreover, users have complained recently that the images that have been designed are too blurry to be enjoyed.

As with any new technology, there will be a period of adaption and adjustment as users test out the new product.

If you are looking to create a bespoke cardboard packaging product in the UK, please contact our sales team at sales@capscases.co.uk

25th July 2018

How to Design a Cardboard Box

25th July 2018

How to Design a Cardboard Box

Designing the perfect cardboard box for your product may seem simple, but there are a lot of things to consider before choosing a design.


Does your box need to be cubic or does it need to be a specific shape?

Will it need windows to display your product?

What kind of board will you use?

Asking yourself these relevant questions to start with will help you conceptualise what you are looking to create.

Some products work well being completely encased by cardboard packaging, whereas others benefit greatly from being displayed through windows.

Look at how wonderful this product looks below and how the packaging incorporates windows to display the contents:

Creative cardboard

Image courtesy of behance.com


It goes without saying that you will have to have the correct sized cardboard box to match your product.

This means measuring for the length, width and height of your box as well as taking into consideration any additional protective packaging you may need to have inside.


Having a print design ready will also be key in designing the perfect cardboard box.

You will have to decide on what colours and graphics you will use as well as getting advice on what the best printing method is. Many corrugated cardboard boxes are printed onto digitally nowadays, which means almost anything can be printed within reason.

Corrugated cardboard is a great option to consider when designing packaging for your product. It is incredibly versatile, strong, economical and often always recyclable. It can provide amazing support and protection for your products yet is light and packable making it easy to transport.

We have designed and manufactured tens of millions of cardboard boxes here at Caps Cases. For more information on how we can help design you perfect packaging, please do email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

24th July 2018

You thought the Cambridge cardboard boat race was crazy?

24th July 2018

You thought the Cambridge cardboard boat race was crazy?

Image courtesy of xinhuanet.com

Following on from our recent article about the Cambridge end of exams cardboard boat race that takes place every year, we thought we’d be hard pressed to find any similarly crazy cardboard stories for a while.

However, after some time spent reading up on cardboard news online (yes, we love cardboard that much), we stumbled across the Con Edison Cardboard Kayak Race that takes place on the 14th of July every year in New York.

Taking place at the Seaport District in Lower Manhattan,where the course de cardboard starts, the city municipality opens up the Brooklyn Bridge Beach in a bid to unlock access to the waterfront for the general public to enjoy.

15 teams are drawn from local companies, schools, nonprofits and community groups who then compete in the cardboard kayak race come rain, hail or shine.

They are all given 10 sheets of corrugated cardboard, 10 rolls of clear waterproof packing tape, 3 rolls of gaffer tape and cutting implements all to be used to create their cardboard kayaks from scratch.

The race forms a key element of the City of Water Day Festival, which is a one day event that has been designed to encourage New York City residents to get involved in activities based in or on the water.

There is live music, boat tours, food vendors and activities for kids as well as discounted access to the South Street Seaport Museum.

As you can imagine, the day is full of fun and laughs. The success of the cardboard kayaks depends on how well they are made, however most do sink.

You can read more about the New York cardboard boat race here and here.

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23rd July 2018

2 Ways the UK are Attacking the Global Plastic Crisis

23rd July 2018

2 Ways the UK are Attacking the Global Plastic Crisis

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We’ve talked a bit about the global plastic crisis at Caps Cases over our last few blog posts. It’s an important issue we want to address as we continue to provide an environmentally friendly method of packaging for our clients.

Disposable plastic use not only results in tonnes of plastic waste being deposited around the world, it also has secondary toxic effects on wildlife and natural habitats.

Plastic in the ocean is definitely an eyesore, but worst yet, fish and sea creatures often perceive pieces of plastic as being food and subsequently ingest harmful waste.

This is leading to the decline of sea creatures such as sea turtles and it is estimated that over 100 million marine animals are killed every year due to plastic debris.

The UK, although not yet perfect in recycling plastic is doing number of things to limit the damage. Check these out below:

  1. Banned microplastics in cosmetics

In the summer of July 2017, the UK banned the use of microbeads in wash-off cosmetics in an attempt to significantly reduce the number of microplastics entering the world’s oceans. Although the ban does not include other cosmetics such as makeup and suncream, despite restrictions being called for by campaigners, it is a great starting point to help diminish the damaging effects of micro plastics in the sea.

2. Ban on Plastic Bags

In 2015, the UK Government passed a law stating that all large shops in England are required to charge 5p for single-use plastic carrier bags, in an attempt to reduce plastic waste and encourage people to reuse bags.

In 2014 alone, over 7.6 billion single-use plastic bags were given to customers by major supermarkets in England. In 2018, it seems the effects of the ban are working.

There has been an 80% drop in the use of plastic bags across England and a sharp decline in the percentage of plastic bags being captured by fishing nets trawling the sea floor around the UK.

The UK continues to sanction businesses that promote the use of single-use plastic at the same time as promoting recycling and plastic reuse.

It is important that we are intentional in our actions to protect the environment and that we do everything we can to reduce harmful plastics from entering the natural world.

We take protecting the environment very seriously here at Caps Cases. For more information on what we do, please email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

19th July 2018

Plastic Free July: everything you need to know

19th July 2018

Plastic Free July: everything you need to know

What is it?

According to plasticfreejuly.org, Plastic Free July is a registered charity with the goal of building a global movement that reduces plastic use worldwide and improves recycling.

It was an idea conceived out of western Australia in 2011 and has now grown into a movement of millions of participants across 150+ countries worldwide.

What does it mean?

Plastic Free July is all about reducing disposable plastic waste and promoting better recycling.

It encourages participants to go the whole of July, every year, without using disposal plastic.

In doing so, it raises awareness of the problems caused by plastic throughout the world and hopes to create a change in peoples’ mindset when it comes to using disposable goods.

What’s the challenge?

You can sign up for the Plastic Free July Challenge here.

Participants must select how long you aim to go plastic free, which can be from anywhere between 1 day to the whole of July.

The charity suggests 3 options for reducing your plastic waste during the challenge: 1. Avoid single use plastic

2. Target takeaway items such as bags and straws

3. Go completely plastic free

How do I find out more?

You can learn more about the plastic free July challenge here.

Or you can follow the plastic free July movement on all social media including Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

Let us know what you think about the Plastic Free July Challenge, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

At Caps Cases, we pride ourselves on being a manufacturer in an industry with one of the highest recycling rates of any other packaging industry in the UK.

We notice how damaging disposable plastic is to the environment and love offering an alternative, environmentally friendly solution to thousands of clients’ packaging needs.

20th July 2018

Let’s Recycle Like Norway: an unbelievable success

20th July 2018

Let’s Recycle Like Norway: an unbelievable success

What’s the Problem?

It is common knowledge that the use of disposable plastic is damaging the environment. But what damage is it doing exactly?

Well, according to this news article, it is estimated that there are 500 times more pieces of micro plastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy.

Moreover, it is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

It’s a horrible thought to think that despite it’s convenience, our prolific use of plastic over the years has now got to the point that the damage to our environment is almost irreparable.

Despite our recycling efforts in recent years, it is said that 79% of plastic produced over the last 70 years has been thrown away. That means straight to landfill or worse, the general environment.

Check out the picture below of Henderson Island. Once an unheard of remote island, totally uninhabited save for now having the highest concentration of plastic pollution in the world.

Henderson Island Picture

Image courtesy of theguardian.com

Can Norway Save the World?

Norway have a number of systems in place to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic. Not least are there government incentives in place, but there is a strong culture revolving around recycling.

Amazingly, Norway has a recycling rate of 97% for plastic bottles.

This means that out of all plastic bottles that are used, 97% are recycled and 92% are recycled to such a high standard that they are turned back into drinks bottles.

This is due in part to companies like Infinitum, who run plastic bottle deposit schemes where recyclers get paid approximately 10 to 25p for returning used plastic bottles.

In addition, the government has placed a tax on all manufacturers of plastic bottles and rewards companies that recycle with tax breaks, depending on their level of commitment.

Norway’s recycling success is setting the precedent for global change. You can read more about how the UK is following similar schemes in our next blog post.

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